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Hopper Topper Max

Unifiller is a world leader in dosing, filling and pumping of various products with the large product range which the company offers along with the repeated success stories of its customers. Unifiller belongs to Linxis Group which already holds an important position in rendering solutions for the health sector. Unifiller machines are a strong ally in your production since they guarantee a smooth handling of your products along with continuously reliable dosing.






Pump Without Sacrificing Quality. The Hopper Topper Powerlift transfer pump keeps your production running 24/7. With safe and gentle pumping technology (similar to hand scooping), your product will be quickly pumped and transferred without sacrificing quality.

The Hopper Topper MAX transfer pump will help keep your production flowing smooth. With its gentle pumping technology, your product will be quickly transferred without sacrificing quality. No matter if you process antibacterial gels, lotions or creams, scrubs or foundation, the Unifiller transfer pump perfectly transports all kinds of products without affecting their properties.


Machine Features:

  • High volume product transfer for dense products
  • Ability to transfer delicate and chunky products directly from the mixing bowl
  • Uses gentle pumping technology that is similar to hand scooping
  • Automatic level sensor allows to maintain product level in hopper
  • Maintains product integrity
  • Flow control to adjust pump speed for different products
  • Ergonomic power lift mechanism allows easy changing of mixing bowls


Performance Specifications:

Model: Hopper Topper MAX
Air: 4 – 12 CFM at 80 PSI, 115 – 340 litres/min at 5.5 bar
Electric: 230 V, 1 Amp
Volume: 60 – 79 litres
Particle size: Up to 25 mm cubic soft particles