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Pro 2000i LL

Unifiller is a world leader in dosing, filling and pumping of various products with the large product range which the company offers along with the repeated success stories of its customers. Unifiller belongs to Linxis Group which already holds an important position in rendering solutions for the health sector. Unifiller machines are a strong ally in your production since they guarantee a smooth handling of your products along with continuously reliable dosing.






The PRO 2000i Low Level depositor is a heavy duty filler capable of large volume deposits and products such as antibacterial gel, shampoo, soap, shower gel, cream, liquids. The products get deposited with an accurate weight and without compromising the product quality at all.

The Pro 2000i Low Level (lowboy depositor) with agitator is your perfect depositor and filling system if you deposit stiff products such scrubs, bath bombs and more. The agitator ensures accurate and even distribution of particulates!


Machine Features:

  • Available as U-shaped 240 litres hopper or rectangular 270 litres hopper – to be filled with tilting lifter
  • 240 litres hopper: the integrated agitator holds liquid and solid particulates in suspense
  • Deposits chunks without compromising the integrity of your product
  • Speed and portion accuracy
  • Wide cross-section at pipe inlet and outlet ensures gentle processing of products


Performance Specifications:

Model: Pro 2000i LL
Air: 6 CFM at 80 PSI, 170 litres/min at 5.5 bar
Electric: 230 V AC
Run: Up to 60 deposits/min (3.600 deposits/hr) based on deposit size and product consistency
Volume: 25 ml – 2750 ml
Hopper capacity: 240 litres / 270 litres
Particle size: Up to 38 mm cubic soft particles