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X-ray for Pharmaceutical products with maximum height: 50 mm

15.000 units of X-ray machines installed worldwide. Industry-leading weighing performance enhances both production and research & development efforts. Anritsu’s force balance weighing technology provides the industry’s highest weight accuracy of +/-0.5 mg*, meeting even the most stringent standards for products containing high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients. The Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System is equipped with a new X-ray unit most suitable for the inspection of thin products, which easily transmit x-rays. High precision weighing and Contaminant Control- made easy!




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Since 1964

Anritsu developed and sold its first ever Checkweigher in 1964 to a Pharmaceutical company. Learning from the pharmaceutical industry’s rigorous attitude toward quality control, Anritsu Infivis has since continued to develop its technologies. Anritsu Infivis is committed to addressing advanced quality assurance issues through closer cooperation with customers and partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Ever since, Anritsu has installed over 80.000 units of Pharmaceutical Checkweighers, 50.000 units of Metal Detectors and 15.000 units of X-ray allover the world placing her as the leader in the industry.

Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System (Maximum height: 50 mm) is capable of identifying missing or chipped tablets and sealing faults (product trapped within the seal area). The Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System penetrates foil to uncover critical product faults that otherwise can pass through undetected and reach consumers.



High sensitivity and high stability

The Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System is equipped with a new X-ray unit most suitable for the inspection of thin products, which easily transmit x-rays. With significantly improved X-ray image quality and reduced variation in quality, which occurs in visual and tactile inspections, the system contributes to quality stabilization.



Our unique technology minimizes x-ray leakage so that a product with a height of 10mm or less can be conveyed without touching the leakage prevention curtain, which reduces the problem with false rejects caused by product jam or the disturbance of product orientation during conveyance. It also ensures that defective products are properly rejected at the correct timing.



The system performs a variety of product integrity checks

The Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System provides not only contaminant detection but also product verification simultaneously. Products in various types of retail packaging can be inspected for shape, count, and package check.



Supporting FDA 21 CFR Part 11

The KXE7510DGEKE model corresponds FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation with Eligibility authentication, Audit trail, Data encryption and decryption which all deliver a piece of mind to processors in the pharmaceutical industries.

Eligibility authentication (User management)
Access level can be individually set for each user to prevent unauthorized operations and potential operator mistakes.
Audit trail
The history of operations and actions related to production, results of operation check are internally recorded. The data can be used to monitor fraudulent activity and analyze the cause of such activity.
Data encryption and decryption
Various data including statistical and parameter data from Audit trail can be easily transmitted.


Setting the system with ease

Anyone can easily set the system to achieve high sensitivity.
Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions. No fine adjustment is required, making it easier for anyone to set the system with the optimum use.
A simple product setup minimizes the time needed to register a new product, reducing the operator’s workload.


No blind spot design prevents contamination.
The conveyor belts and rollers including the front cover and x-ray leakage prevention curtains can be easily removed or attached without tools for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The design with no blind spot prevents statistical discrepancies and contamination due to improper conveyance and products falling off the line.


Detection areas

A variety of models is available for a wide range of products. For details of detection areas, please submit an online inquiry form.